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Americans in Provence


With fall showing its colors and nature making one last statement to close out the year, the mushrooms come out. Only a few minutes away from Gaujac is the Ardeche, known for its forests and farms. What better opportunity to hike through natural landscapes that are teeming with the colors, smells and edible treats such as cepes (porcini), pieds de mouton (hedgehogs) or girolles (golden chanterelles). What do you want in your basket?    
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Perfect Parties at Rhone Retreat

Rhone Retreat provides the perfect location for your social event, whether it is a birthday party, family reunion, pool party, business celebration or just an escape from the regular routine, our venue is open for your enjoyment.
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Romancing the Rhone

Marisa and Steve, from Portland, Maine, became the first couple to enjoy Rhone Retreat’s new cocooning experience, Romancing the Rhone, a 2014 fall promotion designed to help couples escape the hustle and bustle of daily life!
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Barjac Antique Market

Finding the perfect antique momento for our home was a great adventure as we visited the Barjac Antique Market, about a 45 minute drive from Rhone Retreat. Host and guide extrodinaire, Ken Jourdan, provided historical narrative of the landscape as we traveled from Gaujac. Upon arrival, the opportunities for finding our treasure seemed daunting due to the vast number of vendors selling their wares. Ken was wonderful as he assisted us with the delicate art of negotiating the perfect price for the perfect piece of history. Our holiday will long be remembered with this authentic piece of working history, a coffee grinder which will be used to grind fresh mixed pepper in our kitchen!
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