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Americans in Provence

Marsha C.

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From the moment the Rhone Retreat’s wrought-iron gates rolled open, I knew my stay would be a remarkable adventure! As I gazed at the stately main house, the stone pathways that meandered over to vine-covered guest bungalows, and the azure blue water of a serene outdoor pool, I was struck by the realization that I had just stepped into a small corner of paradise.

The beauty of the Rhone Retreat’s buildings and grounds is surpassed only by the genuine warmth and gracious hospitality of its proprietor, Ken Jourdan. Accommodations reflect Ken’s singular focus on the comfort of his guests and provide every modern amenity. Meals are taken around Ken’s long dining table in the main house, offering guests an opportunity for relaxed conversation as they sample the best in local cuisine and wine.

Not sure what to see and do? Ken might suggest an open-air market filled with fragrant soaps, glistening olives, and pungent garlic. Or a quiet walk through Roman ruins and medieval churches. Or a tour of one of the many vineyards that dot the rolling countryside accompanied by a taste of the region’s legendary Cotes du Rhone wines. Ken is eager to share his knowledge, and his love, of everything this corner of France can offer. He will make sure that you never want to leave and that you will always want to go back. Enjoy!

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